According to one scientific study, queer couples have cracked the code in dealing with relationship animosity. How, you may ask? It seems even in hostile moments, they are able to tune into their communication and meet their partners with respect and positivity. For queer couples, there are no prewritten regulations or gender norms in relationships. Same-sex couples make their own rules and, as a result, tend to work through conflict in a more constructive manner with less enmity compared to heterosexual couples.

In their domestic and professional lives, queer people can distribute responsibilities between each other more effectively. Their open and honest conversations lead to more positive communication, higher levels of sexual satisfaction, and an understanding of one’s values and needs. 

If you’re in a straight relationship and looking to dive into your emotions with your partner a little deeper, keep reading; here are a few queer lessons you can incorporate into your relationship for a more fulfilled and enriched love life.

Communicate Positively and Openly

Communication is vital in every relationship and can make you feel more connected with your partner and yourself. For the curious spirit wanting to sync up with a lover and understand their emotional needs better, we encourage you to be open and ask honest questions to one another. Communication is the foundation of every solid queer relationship. Getting deep with a partner in a gentle and kind manner will allow you to maintain a prolonged connection on healthy ground. Who wouldn’t want that?

Talk Openly About Sex and Your Desires

Why is talking about sex so difficult, even with the person you love? Although people of all sexualities struggle with this, queer people show greater signs of sexual satisfaction, and a big part of that is prioritizing those uncomfortable, awkward conversations around sex.

Luckily for us, there are resources out there to guide you to make those conversations a bit easier and even fun! Rythm’s In Tune Couples Card Game can be a great place to start. In Tune is designed by therapists for couples to sync up on beliefs and start conversations that can implement new relationship strategies. Many practitioners use The game as a tool to rekindle desire and create space for the hard questions you want to ask. Next time you want to ask the hard questions but don’t know how…bring out the cards! 

Don’t “Box in” Your Relationship And Break Social Norms

In heterosexual relationships, there are often social pressures that force you to maintain certain relationship expectations. It can be challenging to express desires, wants, and needs while attempting to preserve these forced societal rules. These expectations, such as gender roles, sexual orientation, and accomplishments, can leave you feeling detached from your desires. 

If you feel you can’t express yourself sexually because of how you’re viewed or perceived, know that what you need to feel fulfilled in your relationship is up to you and your partner only. With emotional vulnerability comes intimate vulnerability that will allow you to have a full and embodied partnership. 

We hope you can take these queer lessons and use them as a guide to feel a deeper connection in every aspect of your life! Good luck out there. We’re rooting for you!

Written by:

Jillian Angelini


Sexual health copywriter and sex education student with a focus on the queer community.


Want to connect better with your partner? Check out In Tune, our card game for couples by Therapists or get more data on your Erotic Blueprint with our quiz