Society is structured in such a way where we are taught the importance of history, science, math and critical thinking, yet no one teaches us how to show up as a better partner and cultivate intimacy on the daily. It’s just expected that we will figure it out and be good at it. News flash, we are creatures of habit and not all habits developed are good.

Nontoxic communication, or communicating without the use of harmful or hurtful language, is crucial for a healthy relationship. Yet 67.5% of marriages end due to communication problems. In unhealthy relationships, where the communication is toxic, nearly every interaction becomes a negative one. Criticism and complaining becomes the norm which causes intimate partners to feel unheard, unseen and not valued. 

This is why Rythm developed In Tune, a card game for couples designed by therapists to enhance healthier relationships through nontoxic communication. 

What is Happening in Culture Right Now and Why This Matters

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness on the importance of mental health and emotional well-being. In fact, the employment of marriage and family therapists has grown by 14% from 2021 to 2023. However, couples therapy can be expensive, time-consuming, and not always accessible to everyone with a price point of $150-$250/session. This is why alternative methods of improving intimacy, connectivity and communication amongst couples have become increasingly popular.

Cost of Therapy is MoreExpensive than the Card Game

In Tune was developed by crowdsourcing questions from leading sex, marriage, and relationship therapists and coaches. We’ve brought together the best minds to deepen your most intimate relationship. In Tune also serves as a cost-effective tool that can provide similar benefits to couples therapy, but with more fun. In Tune comes equipped with wildcards, nostalgic throwbacks to your childhood, the music you grew up with, where you came from and where you want to go, together, as a couple. We help couples discover their erotic side in the bedroom, while touching upon ways to cultivate desire and admiration for longevity. 

The game can be purchased for a one-time fee and can be played multiple times, making it a great value for couples.

Benefits of Using a Couples Card Game

In Tune is a card game for couples designed to promote healthy communication and strengthen relationships. The game contains over 3 levels and 150 cards, including action-oriented wild cards and 2 tempo cards. The tempo cards help set the tempo for the relationship outside of the game. This is an act of service card where your partner can ask you to perform any act of service, ranging from “honey, pick up my dry cleaning” to “honey, give me a massage”.

Level 1: Tune In: starts out by tuning into your childhood, and focusing on the good nostalgic memories, the humans who impacted you the most and how your belief system got formed. 

Level 2: Sync Up: dives into what your values and beliefs are today by asking thought provoking questions around finances, intimacy, monogamy and other topics you have always wanted to ask, but may not have had the courage to do so. 

Level 3: Rise Better: provides prompts to understand each other better, what makes your partner tick, turn on and turn off and how you can implement new behavior and healthy communication styles to rise better together. 

Final Card: Bada Boom: Shh! It’s a secret.

By using In Tune, couples can:

  1. Improve communication skills: In Tune prompts couples to communicate openly and honestly, which can improve communication skills and foster deeper connections.
  2. Strengthen their relationship: By creating a safe and supportive environment for couples to express themselves, In Tune can strengthen relationships and build intimacy.
  3. Build empathy: In Tune prompts couples to consider their partner’s perspective, which can lead to greater empathy and understanding.

How To Get Started

In Tune makes the perfect gift to spark conversations that bring couples, you guessed it, in tune with one another. Unlike other intimacy and relationship games, In Tune is designed to be played by two humans who really like each other and care about having a future together. It can be played by all ages 18+ and is inclusive to gender and sexual preferences. 

It makes the perfect gift for a bachelorette party, wedding, relationship anniversary, date night or your parents’ 50th. By living in a world behind screens, it’s important to make time with our partners by connecting authentically and exploring each other from a new lens. 

Tune in to turn on and find your rythm by giving In Tune a try here and start improving your relationship today through nontoxic communication for a healthier relationship. 

Written by:

Alysha Malik, Founder of Rythm.