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Jordan Scott is the founder and CEO of Cobble, a platform that helps people reach collaborative agreement with others on ideas and enjoy better, more meaningful experiences together. 

Jordan graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2015. She began her career as a news associate at CBS This Morning before launching her startup. To date, she has raised $3.3 million in seed funding, launched Cobble in 7 cities, and has grown the community to over 100K people. 

Read below to learn more about Jordan Scott, a veracious Virgo, who created a victorious company.

Where were you born, where did you grow up, and how was sex (the act) perceived in your culture/household?

I was born in Albany, New York and also grew up there. Growing up, sex was largely unacknowledged in my household—but certainly not something to be ashamed about—I understood it to be a very important, very serious event and that I should wait until I was with someone deserving before engaging in it.

What is your profession and why did you choose to pursue it?

I am a tech startup founder and CEO. I love the idea that we can actively design the world we want to live in, and not just live with the status quo. I recognized a big, pervasive issue (decision fatigue and frustration when it comes to making decisions with the important people in our lives) and decided to do something about it. It’s extremely challenging, but extremely rewarding—if it was easy, someone else would’ve done it already. It’s also creative and really fun to solve a problem you’re passionate about. Finally, I love bringing the right people together to solve a problem and sharing in that success when something works. 

What about your industry surprised you when you were first getting started? What is something about your industry that might surprise those who are not in your line of work?

Anyone can get started, right away. There’s so much tech out there to help you launch something quickly. Test and fail quickly so you can get to the right idea.


What are some fun facts about your space that you can share with us? 

You might think you know someone and what they’re into (i.e. Mexican food, action movies!) but when you both swipe right on something unique (rock climbing! reflexology!) you just might match and be surprised by your relationships all over again, discovering new common ground and creating deeper connections. 

How did you and your partner meet and what was your decision making process for deciding that he was the one?

I met my husband in a bar in Gramercy in 2015. I knew he was the one when I had the thought that he was the most enlightened person I knew. Kind, trusting, thoughtful, non-reactive. I wanted to be like him—so I hitched my wagon to his wagon. 

How do you find your rhythm in connecting with your mind, your body and yourself? What wisdom can you impart on us regarding lessons you’ve learned along the way to finding your rythm?

Often when I’m feeling the most helpless or lost, it’s because I’m avoiding doing something I know I need or want to do. Like an email I have to send, a deck I need to update, a run I was supposed to go on for my marathon training–and on and on. As soon as I finally face what’s causing all of the agitation, I feel better. Then you have to grab onto that feeling and try to stack more good habits next to it: drink water, take a walk outside, text your friend something funny. When all else fails, get some sleep. The morning is usually better.


When do you feel the most empowered and alive?

When I’m super in sync with my team and our efforts are paying off both qualitatively and quantitatively. When I’m with my husband and daughter on an adventure.

What are some red flags for you when dating or in a relationship?

If you find yourself controlling what you say or how you act. If you’re feeling unnatural, that’s a sign something is off.


What is the best piece of relationship advice you have received or would like to give for couples to go the distance? 

Trust your gut and don’t settle until you find the person that you just can’t believe you finally found. That doesn’t mean nothing is wrong with them—in fact, the things that are “wrong” with them just make them even more lovable and special to you.


What is your favorite quote for ‘finding your rythm’ or ‘living in rythm’? This can relate to relationships, life, work and/or personal well-being. 

“What you seek, seeks you.” – Rumi


What’s your go to song to get in the mood? Or, what song helps you find your ‘sensual rythm’?

A-Yo by Lady Gaga. These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding. Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan. 

What is your favorite sexual wellness product that you can’t live without? Our definition of sexual wellness is products, tools and supplements that help enable or heighten your sexual well being. 

A gorgeous, well-made pair of matching bra and underwear.  

You can find Jordan Scott on the following platforms:

Company Instagram: @trycobble
Personal Instagram: @msjordanscott 

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