Transforming one of your rooms into a sex room can be as simple as adding a few new pieces of clothing to your wardrobe. For starters, identify your vibe! Do you want dark and sultry, or light and flirty? Whichever you choose, be sure you include elements that will satisfy all your senses.

Here are 6 easy things you can do to transform any room in your home into a sex room:

1. Add Colored Lighting

Typically, red is the symbol of love, passion, and sex, but if red is not your preferred color, choose something that makes you feel sexy! Adding a color, specifically red, can ignite the lust between you and your partner.

2. Luxuriate with Soft Fabrics

Add pillows, blankets, plush rugs, and satin robes to your space. Soft fabrics on the skin are important for aftercare. It is not uncommon to experience an orgasmic crash, which can result in negative thoughts and feelings, after experiencing something or someone new sexually. Orgasmic crashes can result in suicidal thoughts, regret, remorse towards your partner, self, and/or the act of sex, etc. In a new space, such as your “sex room,” it is important to have tools, like soft fabrics, in place to encourage aftercare. Plus, the soft textures can heighten pleasure and magnify various sensations. 

3. Incorporate Props and Toys

Go all out and consider everything: full-body mirrors, handcuffs, ropes, paddles, and sex toys you both can enjoy. Add a sultry, adult toy box for aesthetics and storage as well. Don’t neglect temporary wall décor. Use your imagination to add accessories that are easy to assemble and remove.

4. Find Your Signature Fragrance

Always satisfy the sense of smell to boost sexual desire. Aim for sweetness! Some aphrodisiacs include lavender, vanilla, jasmine, and peppermint. Be sure your partner enjoys the scent of choice as well. Don’t ruin the moment with a scent your partner finds unpleasant. Scents can be candles, wax warmers, room sprays, or essential oils. Your fragrance of choice should be potent, not overwhelming. 

5. Turn Up the Music

Sounds help with enhancing the imagination! Instead of songs, create a playlist that contains soothing sounds. Your auditory will help calm you and your partner, creating a tranquil space. However, if you and your partner do not want tranquility, find wavelengths that match your vibe. Someone once told me that they enjoy listening to rock-n-roll music while having sex with their partner. 

6. Taste the Romance

Include a bucket of ice, warm cloths, wine, or a cocktail (if you’re 21 or older), and grapes to munch on. Grapes are an aphrodisiac; they can also promote sexual arousal (wink). 

The Main Takeaway

Be creative in your home. Simple things can be done to create a new sexual experience between lovers or playmates. Try whatever feels good to you all! Leave no stone left unturned until you are satisfied with the results. Most importantly, have fun with this project!

Written by:

Jasmine Daniels, MPH

Sexuality Educator, ‘The Vagina Liberator’