Fifty-three years ago, the celebration of Pride began as a fight for equality and recognition. Instead of parades centered around rainbows and community like we see today, a decades-long rebellion was born. The Stonewall Uprising of 1969 started the fight against police brutality resulting in six whole days of violence and protests that fundamentally changed the dialogue around LGBTQ+ people. 

Today, the queer community owes extreme gratitude to those who came before us and fought back not just at Stonewall but for all LGBTQ+ activism that granted us the freedom we have today and continuously fight for. On the first anniversary of the rebellion, activists marched the streets of Manhattan to commemorate the protests. Fifty years later, the celebration has not stopped. 

For those of us in a relationship, this time of year can foster immense intimacy as it’s a time to honor our love and remember who came before us. For others, relationship intimacy may require a little extra work to rekindle that spark. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas to help deepen your connection this Pride. 

Seek out Pride Events

What better way to celebrate both your relationship and Pride than going to a Pride event? From parades to drag shows, there is a never-ending list of LGBTQ+-hosted parties during the month of June. Your closest city is likely hosting a parade, and we highly encourage you to join the march with your partner. Check out this event in Brooklyn, where Rythm will have a pop-up! 

Virtual pride events and celebrations have become increasingly common and are a great way to connect with people in the community. If you can’t attend an in-person celebration this year, an at-home celebration will do just as well! Invite people over, host a pride event with friends, or join people online at one of the many celebrations happening across the country. Pride events bring joy and excitement that can roll over into your relationship and help you make memories while doing it. 

Mindful Games to Lighten the Mood

Although Pride is a time of celebration and commemoration, it can be a heavy time for people in the community. The anniversary of Stonewall is also a reflection and remembrance of all queer and trans people who are no longer with us for being themselves. It’s hard not to focus on the existing work needed to support queer folks nationwide. 

It’s easy for these thoughts and feelings to affect your relationship and create an unwanted distance. Activities and games such as our In Tune card game can help you deepen your relationship and explore one another from a new lens. Suited for all genders and sexual orientations, In Tune was developed by leading relationship therapists to rekindle desire and create space for questions you wish you could ask. 

Promote Intimate Conversation

Communication within a relationship is crucial, and it’s especially vital to check in on one another this month; Foster check-ins to gauge your emotional state. For members of the LGBTQ+ community who have complicated relationships with family members or past trauma around their sexual orientation, this month may bring up sensitive memories or emotions. Actively listening to your partner’s needs or desires during Pride can lessen confusion and encourage closeness within the relationship.

Learn about Queer History

For queer couples specifically, a beautiful way to foster your bond during Pride is by learning about the historical moments that came before you and gave you the right to openly experience the kind of love you have today. Watch historical movies about LGBTQ+ people, read queer love stories, and consume queer content together. There is something so unifying about knowing that people from your community fought for your ability to love one another and hold hands while walking down the street. Pride month is all about cherishing these moments and will help you appreciate the love and connection you feel towards one another. 


Written by:

Jillian Angelini 

Sexual Health Copywriter and Sex Education Student with a focus on the queer community.