Jessica Diggs

Jessica is a Los Angeles-based licensed midwife, educator, and co-founder of Centered. She’s been a birthworker and reproductive health educator since 2012. The trainings, her mentors, and ultimately, her first birth as a doula honed her interest in reproductive justice and empowering education. Jessica supports people and families through well-person care, home birth services, and conception support. She recently co-curated a community just for doulas and their businesses. 

When she’s not talking birth and bodies, she loves hosting dinner parties, eating, traveling, and devouring a good book.

The Drop by Rythm. Postpartum UTIs by Jessica Diggs. Sexual Wellness.

Postpartum and UTIs

Jessica Diggs, licensed midwife and birth educator, talks through the body's journey to postpartum recovery, providing info about why the postpartum body is prone to UTIs, symptoms, and treatment...

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