Jasmine Daniels

Jasmine Daniels has earned her Masters in Public Health from Florida A&M University in 2016 and has practiced as a Sexuality Educator for over 9 yrs. Throughout her career, Jasmine has listened to women struggle with the absence of orgasms and the frustrations that followed. In 2021, The Vagina Liberator was created to empower women to deepen their sensuality, identify their orgasms, and master their body through masturbation. By doing so, Jasmine has enrolled several women through her Intimacy Coaching program where she coached women to learn their Unique Intimacy Persona technique!


Additionally, she is the author of the Self-Pleasure Workbook, “Table For One,” which is a research based workbook curated with journal prompts to challenge one’s thoughts and feelings about masturbation, sexual health and pleasure education, and activities to deepen one’s sensuality. Overall, Jasmine’s mission is to liberate vaginas around the world by empowering women to be as sexual as they choose without shame!