If you are just starting out on the journey of discovering your favorite new sex toy, here are some great ones to start you off. Once you have got the hang of things, check out our other blog posts to find your next adventure!

1. Zee by Dame


If vibrators were a course of study in college, this toy would be your ‘Vibrators 101’ class. It’s a perfect introduction to vibes.

Zee by Dame ($30)

2. Kip by Dame

This is the ultimate discreet option for beginner toys. This lipstick bullet is great for travel or to throw in your purse to go to your partner’s place.

Kip by Dame ($75)


3. Vesper from Crave

The Vesper from Crave

Look no further for your new favorite fashion-forward sex toy that will be with you whenever you need it.

Vesper from Crave ($69)

4. Dame Pom

Dame Pom

Pleasure in the palm of your hand… literally!

Dame Pom ($95)

5. Iroha RIN+ SANGO

iroha RIN+ SANGO

This rechargeable wand not only has 4 speeds and 2 patterns but is beautiful enough to grace the top of your nightstand instead of inside the drawer.

Iroha RIN+ SANGO ($70)

6. Eva by Dame

This toy is the perfect starter toy for couples. It provides hands-free clitoral vibration so your hands are free to explore one another!

Eva by Dame ($135)


7. Satisfyer 1

Satisfyer 1

Satisfyer has created many treasures, and the Satisfyer 1 is a tried and true toy loved by many. They have come out with newer versions since this model, but if you are just trying out this type of toy, this is a great way to start without making a huge investment.

Satisfyer 1 ($49)

8. Forte Dil by Crave

Crave forte dil

Is this a dildo or a work of art? Who’s to say? If you want to add more dimension to your experience, warm this dildo under hot water or put it in the freezer before use for temperature play.

Forte Dil by Crave ($54)

9. Iroha+ Kushi

iroha+ KUSHI

This toy is great because you get to try out new vibrations and textures!

Iroha+ Kushi ($110)

10. Lady Bi by Fun Factory

If you’re looking to try out a rabbit toy, this rechargeable toy’s size and soft finish should do the trick.

Lady Bi by Fun Factory ($160)



Written by:

Gillian ‘Gigi’ Singer, MPH

American Board Certified Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, and Sex Ed Content Specialist